SEO is an important part of online marketing. If you apply correct SEO techniques, you can easily generate traffic for your website. There are many SEO techniques that you can easily find on internet. Unfortunately, many of them are useless, and only a few of them are applicable. Below is a list of 5 basic SEO techniques that you have to do, if you want to generate traffic for your website.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

SEO starts with keyword research. Some SEO experts consider keyword research as the most exciting part of SEO. Keyword must be solid, and many buyers target the keyword. Based on the competition, keyword can be divided into two, low-competition and high-competition keywords. If you are a new comer, it is suggested to aim for the low-competition keyword. You also have to make sure that there are many people who search for the keyword. You can use Google Keyword Tool, Google Suggestion, and Google Insight to help you find low-competition keyword.

Original Content

Website content must be unique, because Google and other search engines love unique content. A good content contains about 5% to 6% keyword throughout the content. You must start your content with your keyword and end the content with the same keyword.

Website Page Optimization

Search Engine Crawler has different way in reading your website. It only reads the HTML of your web page; therefore you must optimize the HTML of your website page. You must include targeted keyword in title tag and in META description. The use of H1, H2, H3 and H4 is also important.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one if important activities on SEO. You must join all the major Social Bookmarking websites such as Delicious, Mister Wong, Faqpal, etc. After joining, you must bookmark your own articles at those Social Bookmarking websites. Search engines often cache Social Bookmarking websites, by bookmarking your websites there, your website will also be crawled faster by search engines.

Link Building Campaign

Google likes website that has many relevant links. There are many ways that you can do to get quality links. Blog commenting, link exchange, and put your link at link directories are several proven methods to gain links.

The above SEO techniques are already proven by millions of SEO experts. Doing all the five techniques is indeed tiring but the result is promising. Do not easily be tempted with instant SEO techniques to generate traffic, because Google can ban your website if you use black-hat SEO techniques.