SEO is getting harder day by day and we need to focus on quality while making our SEO strategies. All major search engines wants to serve high quality recipes to their searchers and if you are not making quality food then you’re going to be the next victim of algorithm update. We all know that Google is continuously updating their algorithms to filter out quality sites. If you really want to maintain your position in Google or any other major search engine then you should start working with high quality SEO techniques from day 1 of year 2014. Internet marketing strategies with Long term goal is must in 2014. Investing your time on malicious activities of internet marketing will not be able to worth you anymore. Things you have learned in 2013 are still effective but you need to amplify them to get maximum exposure. So let’s discuss how to make new bundle of SEO strategies for 2014.

Optimize Your Site for Mobiles

We cannot ignore the importance of mobile marketing. A study declares that internet searches from mobile phones and tablets are going to break the record of searches from desktops and laptops in 2014. First of all you need to have a quality site design for mobiles. Your site’s Performance on mobiles matters much more than ever before. So remember one thing that if you are not having a mobile version of your website then your site is going to lose a huge number of search traffic this year.

Content Optimization techniques in 2014

Content is the primary factor which can help you to impress search engines. Always try to write high quality content with controversial titles. Controversial title helps to improve CTR (click through rate). The second most important thing which you could implement on your site is conversational content (queries) like “How To” and “what is”. Google Humming Bird is going to promote conversational content much higher than any other type of content.

Try to Target Long Tail Keywords

If you’re in SEO industry then you must know one thing that long tails keywords or search queries helps a lot to get higher rankings with lesser efforts. You can make FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages to target long tail keywords.

Importance of Structured Data

Structure data is very important in terms with Google Guidelines and SEO. This data decides that how we want our site to be display in SERP (search engine result pages). You can add ratings and reviews with the help of schema and micro data.