Today’s subject is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now, some of you might wonder what exactly does it mean? It means to improve the visibility of your web site/Blog in Search Engines (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Don’t think that just by applying these techniques your Blog will appear immediately as number 1 on Google, because it won’t. It’s a process that takes time. Does it mean you won’t get results until its number 1? No, other ways to drive traffic to your Site also exist. SEO is just another way that will help you, and probably the best on the long run.

Before I start talking about the basics, you have to know what are “Keywords” since they are going to be mentioned a lot in this article.

Keywords are the terms/words that we search in order to reveal information about them in the Search Engines. For example, if we want to search anything about movies, all we do is go to Google and search the (key)word “Movie”. Then all the websites which contain the word “Movie” will appear. That’s basically it. I don’t want to get to complex in this part.

So let’s get started with the basics.

First thing we need, is to know what we want to write about. In my case I talk about Social Medias, so I want popular Keywords that are used to find web sites related to Social Medias.

How do I know which Keywords I should use? Here is how: Google “Google Keywords Tool”, and open the first web site that appears. That is Google’s tool to find most common keywords. Once you are there, search the word you want (in my case it’s “Social Medias”)

And in the bottom of the page, you will get a list of Keywords that are related to the word you just searched. Those are all good Keywords. What exactly do you need to do with them? Many things, for started, many Blogs have Plugins of SEO and over there you can add all your keywords. But that’s not for today. What you can do without any Plugins then?

Here are 8 tips for SEO:

– Title Keywords: When you write posts make sure that the title of your post includes Keywords. Before every post, do a search on that same link for keyword related to the subject you are going to talk about.

-Bold Keywords: When you write articles, make sure you write Keywords in the body of the article as well. Once that is done, “Bold” some of the Keywords

-Italic and Underlined Keywords: Exactly the same as above, just with Italic and Underlined.

-Link your Blog: Google loves Popular web sites, that’s when they put you on the top. So share your link in different kind of places (Like Social Medias), go to Blogs of other people and comment there.

-Ask other to link your Blog: Ask visitor of your Blog, to share the link as well. Wherever they can, it will always help you.

-Write unique articles: Everyone in Social Media knows that content is king without the correct content you have nothing. So write something unique, write in your own style…don’t try to copy and be someone else.

-Study SEO: Study SEO as much as you can. It’s a very important aspect of your Blog’s life. Read about it as much as you can, try different things each time, and have fun with it.