Many people who work in the SEO industry came to do so by accident. Maybe they took an administrative position or a sales position and some of the web site tasks were passed on to them. Maybe they work in IT and SEO was added to their job description at a later date. Whatever the case, it’s easy to understand why you’d have some concerns about your new job. After all, embarking on any new project can be challenging. While it’s important to contract the services of a professional, there’s a number of things you should understand as you begin your web site optimization project.

Here are some common concerns you might be feeling:

1) Google is smart. Why should I do anything special to my web site?

Google may be smart but at the end of the day, it still needs your help. Well written content, well designed navigation, well constructed code all make a huge difference in whether or not Google “gets” what your site is about. Leave out any piece of the puzzle and Google might get confused. A confused Google is a Google that gives up and moves on to some other site instead of giving your site the attention it deserves.

2) All of you SEO firms talk a lot about keyword research… frankly it seems like a waste of money. I already know what my products are called!

It’s true – You are an expert on what your business does but your customers aren’t experts and they are the people you’re trying to reach.

Even though you might call something one thing, they might be using a completely different way to describe it. Since people find web sites through keyword searches and Google uses your keywords to rank your site, you need Google to know that even though your product is called XYZ, when someone else calls it ABC, it’s still the same product.

Keyword research helps you determine how your prospects are searching for you and it lets you know which terms are the best chance for reaching the right people. Leave this part out and you pass up sales. Can you afford to do that?

3) I’ve already written my web site, why would I hire someone to revise the content on it? Isn’t that a waste of money?

The truth is that going back and revising content for a web site is a lot harder and more time consuming than simply allowing an SEO firm with strong copywriters on staff to write your content right from the start.

It’s not that they won’t do it – they revise content all the time (almost every site needs at least some re-writing in order to best capture visitors and search engines) – but you’ll be a lot happier with the results if you get an SEO professional on board right from the start.

If you’re just starting out with a web site or considering re-doing it, consider letting an SEO firm in on the process from Day One. You’ll wind up with properly optimized text that is compelling both to visitors and search engines and you won’t have to spend any amount of time re-doing someone else’s work. It’s a win-win for everyone.