Before you click on the link, you may wish to print or save this page for future reference.

1. Click on the link; it takes you to the Google Keyword Tool site.

2. Under Tools on the top left; Keyword Tool will be highlighted.

3. Click on Saved Ideas to open the complete menu.

4. Under Match Types, un-tick Broad and tick [Exact]. We recommend that you use [Exact] Match with Rank Assess Tool™ but you can also use Broad or “Phrase” match types if you wish.

5. Enter your website address in Go to Website.

6. Click Locations and highlight your country and language.

7. Click Advanced Options and Filters to collapse this box.

8. Enter the captcha characters as indicated or sign in if you have a Google account. You now have access to use the tool.

9. Click Search and the tool shows the Global Monthly Searches and Local Monthly Searches for keywords relevant to your website. Make sure you have Keywords selected and not Ad Group Ideas. The tool shows the list of keywords relevant to your site. To see the most searched keywords, click Local Monthly Searches and the tool lists keywords from most to least searched.

10. Click; Download and a box will appear; then click; all search results.

11. When the Download all keywords box appears, click the Format box and change Format to CSV.

12. Click Download and when the pop up appears at the bottom of your screen, click Save.

13. Click Open folder.

14. The file will be saved in Downloads or you can save it in another location.

15. Name the file so that it is easy for you to find it again.

16. Go to Keyword Tool and click the Import CSV button.

17. Locate the file and click open to see that it is saved correctly.

There are some things that the Google keyword tool will not show you and that is why the Rank Assess Tool™ is the second best free tool available to help you decide which keywords will be best for your site. You can input a keyword and the tool calculates the amount of traffic for all ranks 1 through to 10. It works in tandem with the Google tool to show the effects that rank improvement has on your sales.

James Hourigan writes SEO articles to help business owners avoid the pitfalls that await the inexperienced and to educate and equip SEO “newbies” with the questions to ask and the tools to use to actually profit from SEO. James believes the number 1 question you should ask of any SEO company is: How much business will I get from SEO? He developed the free Rank Assess Tool so you can estimate the increased revenue and profit from improved Google rank.