Google Analytics is a handy tool that you can use to help you with your SEO and traffic generation.

Google Analytics is a Free Tool which you can utilise to learn more about your website visitors You can use it to find out where your website visitors came from, what they searched for to find you, how long they were on your site, how many pages they visited etc. It is an invaluable tool for helping you test, measure and maximise your SEO and online marketing strategies.

To install it on your website you simply open an Analytics Account and get a code that needs to be inserted into your website. Your website designer will be able to do this for you, it will take them a few minutes, if they are going to charge you for this, start worrying.

You may already get statistics from your website designer or hosting company but with Google Analytics you can go into the Account and have a real good look round for yourself.
Google Analytics will give you charts and graphs which will enable you to easily view the statistics of your website traffic. You can enter different date ranges and compare the results which can be very valuable.

Example: Install analytics and check your visitors for the next 30 days, start optimizing your site and next month you will be able to see the increase in your visitors.

Some methods of SEO techniques or online advertising may be out-performing the others you are doing. With Google Analytics on your site you will be able to see exactly which of your online efforts are achieving the best results. With this kind of information you can then focus on what works best for you as a means of driving visitors to your website. Without a statistics program like Google Analytics you will not be able to confidently pinpoint your best performing traffic sources.
Check out Google Analytics to find out exactly how it can help you with your SEO, traffic generation and website conversion rates.