Consider, for a moment, what would happen if you couldn’t find affordable small business SEO services. Your site would never have a chance at ranking in the search engines. Affordable SEO for small businesses is designed with one thing in mind: helping your local business get ranked in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

So, understanding how Google ranks websites is essential if you are going to evaluate any affordable small business SEO packages. It really is pretty easy to understand with just a few minutes of reading.

The Spider and the Index

You aren’t the only one who thinks that is one of Aesop’s Fables. What it means for you, though, is important to evaluating any affordable small business SEO packages you come across. Google has a program known as a “Spider.” It “crawls” from one page to another by visiting any of the links that it finds.

It then takes this information and stores it in the index, which is just a large database (like an excel spreadsheet) that has all of the information the spider has ever come across.

Then, Google’s complicated systems go to work figuring out what these pages are about. They also keep tabs and tallies of all of the links pointing towards any one specific page. This gives that page something known as a “PageRank” and determines what listing it gets on the SERPs. The best affordable small business SEO services will understand this and put a priority on getting these links to your site.

Affordable Small Business SEO for Content

Your affordable small business SEO services should include some sort of site and content review. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that affordable SEO for small businesses is just about what is happening outside of your website. But in reality, it has a lot to do with the content, URLs, and links that are isolated to only your site.

For instance, affordable SEO for small businesses should ensure that your pages are optimized properly for the keywords you are hoping to rank for. Affordable SEO for small businesses that don’t focus on this aren’t affordable at all – they’re a complete waste of money.

When you’re evaluating these companies you want to ask them how they plan on optimizing your pages and what linking strategies they use. They shouldn’t just put together some sort of nonsense plan that stuffs your pages with keywords.

That’s known as over-optimization. That is not what affordable SEO for small businesses should provide. Instead, you should expect them to provide a cost effective solution that works within the bounds of the Google terms of service.

Make sure that these companies present you a plan, show some sort of portfolio that proves their capabilities, and has some sort of guarantee.

Of course, they can’t guarantee that they can get your site into first place – no one can. But they should be able to guarantee some sort of results. If not, you should reconsider whether or not it really is affordable small business SEO.