After recent Google algorithm changes, a fairly large number of web pages lost their PR and search rankings. Several websites were banned. A large number of URLs were blocked. All in all, it was a major setback for the whole SEO and internet marketing industry.

All the damage has been done. Those who were hit by Google panda changes are now no where in the search results. And they are struggling to attain their lost search engine rankings. So the important thing now for all the SEO experts and internet marketers is that how they can deal with Google panda changes. What they can do to reach at the top page of search results again?

Here are a few most important tips for those who have been hit by Google algorithm changes and need to join the race again.

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is stop doing what you have been doing in the past. Stop using those internet marketing methods and techniques, whether white hat or webspam. Do not use the same old methods again. Give your internet marketing and linkbuilding a break for at least two months. If you will keep doing the SEO in the same way as you have been doing it in the past, it will not going to work at all. This is because you have already been penalized for that.

Stick to white hat SEO. Avoid using webspam SEO techniques. No shortcuts. If you will use shortcuts and automated SEO methods to promote your web pages, Google will block your domain permanently. And yes it can. There are domains that have been blocked permanently by Google. So if you assume or you think that you can dodge search engines easily, you are living in a fool’s paradise. Stick to white hat methods because this is the only choice you have now.

Content is the most important factor now. Google now ranks web pages based on their content. So if you want to get back your lost ranking, you need to keep your content fresh, informative, original, useful, unique and free from errors. Updating and changing the content from time to time is also very important. If you have a 5 page website and you do not change the content for 6 months, your ranking will not improve much.

When it comes to fresh and unique content, you cannot do it without a blog. A blog is a must for every website whether it be a business website, an online store or any thing. There are numerous advantages of using a blog. The best is, it helps you in providing your readers with informative content. And this is what Google wants. It needs you to focus on readers. Write for readers. Post for humans. Not for search engines.
There is not much you can do to improve your search engine rankings after Google panda updates. But if you will stick to these tips, I am sure you can enjoy a better ranking very soon. But it will take time. Write. Post. Wait. And see how things change within a few months.