Around 2 months ago Google sent a quiver across the SEO industry by launching the most advanced search feature till date “Google Instant”. But Google’s quest for creating the fastest tool for online search has not come to end yet. It has now made an addition to the snippet data help. So apart from the page title, URL and a basic description of the webpage content, the search result page will also show you a preview of the webpage by just clicking on the magnifying glass placed next to the page title.

This feature works on a basic mechanism of giving the users a peek into the website on the result page and helps them evaluate the relevancy of the result. For e.g. If you are searching for SEO firms in India and type the query ‘SEO India’ in the search bar, you get a list of SEO firms in India ranked as per their relevancy. To make a quick decision of which site suits your requirement better you can get a preview of the site afforded by the search engine through the screenshot of the webpage. All you need to do is click on the magnifying glass set next to the page, later you can just move the mouse over the other results to see the preview. A pop up giving the visual overview of the result appears to the right.

As per the official Google blog, users of the search engine will be 5 % happier due to the results they achieve through this feature. However happy the users may be the SEO world has yet another challenge to face.

Since the release of this search acceleration element the SEO firms across the world are assessing its effects on search engine optimization methods. Any addition or change in the search engines does affect the search engine optimization mechanism in some way or the other. A few hurdles that have come to life for now are as follows –

• It is a well known fact that the web page needs to have relevant information and that it is easy to navigate through. This plays an important part in page ranking and getting traffic. But now even the appearance of the page will matter greatly. The titles tags and Meta tags will still matter but now users will decide to visit the page or not based on the visual appeal. So if you have a poorly set up site you will drive away potential traffic.

• Keywords play an even bigger role now as instant preview highlights the areas where the keyword appears and give a small cut out of the content to the users; this helps the users judge the relevancy of your site. So placing keywords ever so smartly is crucial.

• Flash content on the site will not render and will make the site look bad. This will immediately leave a negative impression on the users.

• When the preview of the search results pops up it covers the right side of the result page. This makes it cover the PPC Ads having an impact on the CTR for PPC Ads.

The SEO industry in a short time has done their research to put in place effective measures and avoid drop in PRs. The following tips may come in handy from now on –

• Meta tag description though considered not important till now will play a great role hence forth. By placing relevant content in the Meta description tag within the allotted 150 character limit you can gain a lot of visitors for your site. Try and make the Meta description as relevant as possible with effective use of keywords.

• Instant Preview reinstates the fact that flash content is bad for SEO as it can’t be crawled by the search engines, the other reason to remember from now on is that flash portions don’t render in the Google Instant Preview making the pages look ugly and badly arranged.