This in-depth article takes a look at the SEO campaign process step-by-step. It provides useful tips and information about the various elements of SEO in the order by which they should be executed. It also provides important information on the common mistakes and SEO tactics which should be avoided along the way.

Good search engine optimization is an essential element of Internet marketing and one which no webmaster can afford to ignore. SEO takes time and patience and it is becoming more important than ever to use the correct methods as encouraged by Google. Today, the most important factor in making a well-optimized site is simply to produce high quality and original material. With its frequent algorithm updates, Google’s crawlers are reading and indexing websites more and more as people would. For this reason, you should design your website and write its content with your human visitors in mind and then start your SEO campaign. The following are the important steps to take to optimize your site and increase your page ranking.

Analyze Your Site

Google’s Webmaster Tools provides you with everything that you need to learn how Google sees your site. It will tell you which keywords people are using to end up on your site, how the search engine crawlers index it and much more. Google’s Webmaster Tools will help you to optimize your keyword usage by telling you where most of your search engine traffic is coming from. If you are not seeing the search queries that you are hoping to target, then you will need to optimize your site’s content accordingly. The tools also alert you of any crawl errors and potential problems which may be harming your site’s standing in Google. Best of all, Google’s Webmaster Tools is completely free and it is also mobile-friendly.

Keyword Research

A core element of SEO is keywords and using them in the correct way. The next step to take is to choose the best keywords to target. Generally, it is best to stick to long-tail keywords which consist of three to five words. A useful tool for helping you with keyword research is the Google Ad Words Keyword Tool. This is also free to use. This tool helps you to choose keyword ideas and provides important information about each key word and phrase that it suggests. This includes the number of local and world-wide searches, level of competition and its value in terms of pay-per-click advertising. You should target key phrases which offer the best compromise between the level of competition and the number of monthly searches. Keyword which has a high level of competition should be avoided. These are often the shorter ones.