Most of the people want their business to appear on the first page of a Google search. How is that achieved? Is it easy? Certainly not! How long does it take? Is there a fixed time? Well, it isn’t easy, but certainly not impossible. With the correct campaign you might be able to get there in a certain amount of time. There certainly cannot be a per-determined amount of time to achieve a target. There are a lot of myths relating to SEO which need to be cleared before you devise a strategy. Just filling up your content with keywords isn’t going to get you there.

Google is now focusing on the ease of the users and not on fetching business for websites. The rulebook has been rewritten for SEO. It is true that earlier some people did get their way around Google with their hacks like filling up content with just keywords and hiding it or the content, making no sense at all, but now sites like these are penalized and they may not ever return to the main page ever. That is quite the price to pay as actually looking at the facts; users seldom go beyond the first page of search results. Bing also holds some share in the search engine strategy, but Google continues to lead the board.

So how do you figure up there in the search results? There is no fixed rule unfortunate, no formula which can guarantee success. It is all dependent on your website and product. Google believes in the common good of everybody. What you can pick from here is the fact that your website should be for the benefit of the users. The more number of “How to” and help articles you have on your website the higher are your chances of you being liked by Google. Long tailed keywords are also playing a significant role in SEO of a website. The keywords need to be selected with care, keeping in mind their relevance with respect of the product or service concerned.

The content should be unique and also relevant to the website. Content rules the SEO rating. Quantity of content and its relevance help the rankings of a website significantly. SEO can bring your website to the masses and make your services available to them, which will in turn increase your revenue.

Any company that you hire for the SEO of your website should have certified professionals who can help design a campaign for you and are in sync with the latest Google algorithms and also with the changing trends involved in the SEO industry. The key point in SEO is the kind of time it takes for a campaign to start giving output and generating returns. The adoption of the correct strategy is hence crucial to the campaign.