The Google PageRank Toolbar in SEO circles is a hotly
debated item, as are most issues dealing with Google.
Some say it’s useless, others say it gives you a general
overview of your site’s standing in Google. Regardless
of who is right, this Toolbar shouldn’t be ignored nor
worshipped, just closely watched.

The Google PR Toolbar is a simple tool you can download
and place on your browser. When you surf the web, this
toolbar will give you Google’s PR or Page Rank for that
particular site or page. Google ranks all web pages from
a scale of 0 to 10. This Toolbar is more like the Richter
scale than an ordinary scale, there’s a big difference in
the rankings as you go up and they are not proportional.

You must also realize each of these ranking points are
further divided and only Google knows the exact placement
of your site or page within your shown PR number. For
example, if you have a PR6 site your site could be at
low end of the PR6 scale (closer to PR5) or at the top end
which would make it more of a PR7 site. Big difference.

PageRank Confusion

Many suggest Google is not giving us the real value of
the page in the first place and this toolbar is often
out of date and more of a smokescreen than real information
about a site. There could be some truth in this as Google
never gives up all its secrets. Does any company?
Certainly not the company that holds the keys to the
most powerful economic force on the planet: the Internet.

Complicating matters even further are webmasters and
marketers who try to manipulate their own PageRank by
buying or exchanging links with other high PR sites.
Many are now doing Three-Way linking to try to influence
their site’s rankings in Google.

A whole SEO industry has been built up around PageRank
for the simple reason the stakes are extremely high. If
you can deliver first place rankings for your client’s
targeted keywords in Google it means free organic traffic
or visitors delivered directly to your site.

Many SEO experts believe Google has a whole list of
ranking factors which determine how well your page is
ranked. Among others, these ranking factors include
Google’s PageRank algorithm (voting system) and
Hypertext-Matching Analysis (analyzing page content).

Google’s Position

If you check out Google’s own corporate site for an
explanation you will find that Google clearly states
its patented PageRank(TM) algorithm is the heart of their
web ranking system which was founded by Larry Page &
Sergey Brin in 1998. You will also find that Google
says it uses numerous factors including PageRank to
examine the whole web and find the most relevant and
important pages to match a specific search.