There hasn’t been this much uproar since Google Mayday. Is your SEO company coming to you with a list of excuses about why your traffic is plummeting? If so, chances are that the latest Google algorithm changes have opened up a can of whoop ass on your site and your SEO company is left embarrassed and stuttering. If it’s really bad, chances are that your SEO company needs YOU to open up a can of whoop ass on them. Maybe it’s time to find someone with a more holistic approach to SEO.

What the happened?

Putting too many eggs in one basket is partly to blame. The rest of that blame goes to laziness. Google’s recent set of algorithm changes have hit a lot of sites and this has shed a glaring new light on which SEO companies are lazy and which ones are actually delivering on their promises of a multi-pronged approach to SEO.

De-Valuing of Content Farms

Content farms have been hit – and hard. Google knows that for many of the most competitive niches in internet marketing the first few pages of their SERPS are filled with keyword stuffed fluff – much of it posted on several of the top article directories. If Google is to remain the #1 search engine (which, let’s face it, can’t last forever…ask former Altavista execs…) they need to keep the cream rising to the top and they need to stop sites from finding ways to ‘game’ the system.

What’s the problem with relying on article directories?

Every SEO company and every SEO hack out there is using them. The big problem is that this is ALL some SEO companies are doing for building backlinks and they don’t take the time to do it right.

Today, due to recent algorithm changes, the links from these sites are worth less than in recent times. And beyond that, many web searchers are using toolbars that exclude known content farms from search engine results.

Some of the article directories have zero editorial standards. Others have inconsistencies (getting approved depends on who’s editing your article that day). Well, with the latest changes, sites have been slapped and the fallout hasn’t been pretty. Some of the directories are scrambling to try to regain their foothold.

If your traffic levels and your page 1 rankings have plummeted, this is a sure sign that your SEO company needs to be fired. If they’re not delivering on their promises, why give them a chance to continue to cost you time, rankings, and money? If you failed to pay for their SEO services, would they continue to optimise your website?

Companies that have worked with SEO specialists who use a holistic approach haven’t been hit nearly as hard. Search engine marketing strategists with real expertise in SEO and internet marketing have known that this day would come and have been diversifying their clients strategies so that article marketing wasn’t the only source of backlinks.