You are allowed to defend oneself in a courtroom of law but I would not suggest it. You’re furthermore allowed to fix your own automobile but if you don’t know what your doing I wouldn’t. Business proprietors could claim and populate their own Google places internet page but if you believe that you’re likely to place in any type of semi ambitious market then your being naive. Good local SEOs consistently think and study on just how to conquer people like yourselves and other local SEOs. We analyze, measure and study while you busy managing your enterprise. SEO is our business.

Local WEB OPTIMIZATION was similar to the first years of organic SEO. Lame web-site+ heap of spammy inbound links = earnings. In the beginning, Google’s local search ended up being easy to game as there wasn’t a great deal level of competition. Right now, even pet sitting providers are pulling out the shivs and soap wrapped up in pillow cases (I have done software development at a few jails so if you ever meet me ask about the poo wrapped flaming toilet brushes shot at other inmates via a jail made slingshots).
Questions Small business Ought to Ask Themselves

* Would I have a chance against a lawyer in a court of law?

* Could I defeat 51 year old John McEnroe at tennis (errr likely not)?

* Can I fully grasp the principles of local SEO?

* Can I dedicate the month-to-month hours on Local SEO to succeed?

* Would I be better at local SEO if I had already done 75 other local SEO jobs?

* Do I believe I have a chance in hell of out ranking a pro (given enough time)?

* If I get in trouble (piss off the Google gods) can I discover my way back?

Anger the Google gods?

The last bullet point is an important one. There are a variety of pitfalls that local SEO posses. If you don’t have the expertise to appease the Google gods then your places page can be smothered. Google places spam have given Google a hair trigger. Look, even remotely spammy, and you can trigger a manual review. Your top 3 local search rankings that have been sending you tons of breast augmentation surgeries will fade. You could fade away for months as the Google reviewers are a bit occupied.