Major online search engines update their search algorithm at regular intervals to provide more relevant and updated information to their users. But in comparison to other search engine algorithm changes, the Google Penguin and Panda updates have compelled many digital marketers to completely revamp their digital marketing strategy. Since Google rolled out the Penguin update in 2012, the ranking and visibility of many websites have been affected negatively. Many digital marketers even find it a daunting challenge to make and implement a search engine optimization plan to beat the effects of ongoing Penguin updates. You can always consider some effective ways to maintain the rank and visibility of your clients’ websites on Google.

Start Using Social:
The search engine algorithms lack the capability to figure out the human factor. So, major search engines are putting emphasis on social over last few months. The search engine algorithms normally fetch information based on certain criterions. But the use of social media metrics will make the search engine results more accurate and relevant. Some companies use social media promotions as an alternative to search engine optimization. But you must make a comprehensive strategy to promote websites on the search engine as well as social networking platforms. The inclusion of social metrics will make it easier for you to reduce the impact of Penguin updates.

Avoid Posting Junk Content:
Before Google started rolling Penguin updates, it was easier for SEO professionals to promote a website through backlinks. Many SEO service providers were simply posting junk content on various online platforms to get backlinks for their websites. But the Google updates have made it essential to acquire fresh authority links. While posting content, you have to check the authority of the website, and the value of the link connected to your website.

Consider Creating Your Own Link Network:
Earlier, many SEO companies used to promote website by becoming paid members of digital marketing companies. The subscription enabled them to post all types of content on the link network provided by the marketing companies. But the Google updates have almost destroyed these large link networks. Instead of looking for reliable link networks, you can consider sharing the content by hosting your own domains. When the website will get a number of links from different IPs, it will be easier to increase its rank and visibility on Google results pages.

Post Regular Blogs:
The ongoing Google algorithm updates have provided you an option to become a real authority on a specific product, service or niche. If you do not have adequate knowledge on the product or service, it is time to evaluate the information gathered from various sources. A huge collection of information can be shared through the readers, while encouraging them to visit your website. You can add a blog section to your website, and share information by posting blogs on a regular basis. At the same time, you can also share the information through guest blogging to get more relevant backlinks to your website.