Google AdWords is the dominant strategic advertising choice in competitive markets. As long as the advertising is targeting and is focussed on a consumer outcome, it is more effective and cost efficient than SEO by a long way. Google AdWords is probably the most widespread advertising method on the planet right now. More people interact with Google on a daily basis than watch the Super Bowl, and they are actually searching for something, rather than watching a football match.

When is a PPC campaign a good idea?

Spending money on a PPC campaign can be a more effecting than SEO in the following scenarios;

A short term strategic campaign
Launching a new product
When competition is fierce
When budgets have short time constraints
For the strategic campaign, or event that might last for one day or two weeks, AdWords is a great idea for this. With PPC advertising you can turn it on and off with ease, and you can make the advert directive to the event details.

The leading global insurance companies have exceptionally high PageRank and have tens of thousands of affiliates linking to them. Launching a marketing campaign in this area with a $50 price tag per click would actually be cheap compared to trying rank your website.

When you are branching out into new markets AdWords, or some other ppc campaign, might be your best and only option for an online marketing campaign. When a website builds an online profile, the search engines will give the website a ranking for a particular keyword. Once that keyword profile has been established, it is very hard to shake. So if you have rated well for “Bondi Pilates” and you wanted to include “Melbourne Marketing” onto your keyword profile, you will have to start your SEO process again.

It doesn’t have to be either PPC or SEO, why not both?

SEO provides a good foundation for PPC advertising for two reasons. One, SEO is just good practice, and should be carried out any time a website is built. Two, Google AdWords assesses the quality of your ad against your website. So if Google can see the landing page is relevant, the ad will be placed higher.
SEO is long term, PPC is short term and strategic, there is no reason their can’t go hand in hand.