Authors have enough on their plate: promotion, marketing, writing… the last thing you want is learning how to apply SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. It is the application of keywords and phrases in your blog posts that tells the search engines where to index you. But it isn’t just about “words”.

The first part of SEO is finding the right terms that will target your product, and still obtain a good search ranking. The second is writing a headline and description that will entice surfers to click.

So why would you care about keywords? As an author, you are writing to sell your product. Sure, you write because you love to write but let’s face it — we ALL want to make sales — if only to boost our confidence that we are writing something people like.

So, how do you reach readers? Besides hanging out in reader forums, you target your blog posts with appropriate keywords that will help index you on the first two pages of search results. You heard right… the first two pages. In fact, you want to be on the first page.


Yes, and no. Over the years I have optimized many websites, some selling such competitive products as “toys”. Instead of trying to break in and take a minuscule (if any) part of the multi-million dollar market of the big boys, I looked at what my clients’ business had to offer and targeted their site toward more obtainable goals.

Authors are in a similar situation — but only to a point. If you tried to target ‘Paranormal Horror fiction’ — you’d be competing with some of the “big boys”, who spend millions of dollars on marketing to retain their number one standing. But you have what they do not: flexibility, a blog, and your unique, one-of-a-kind manuscript.