SEO auditing is one of the internet based marketing tools that are not only free, but a necessary marketing tool that will separate your online business from its competitors.

The definition of SEO is the method used to boost the ranking or frequency of a Web site in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.

The definition of Audit is a thorough check or examination to inspect, correct, and certify.

When we put those terms together, especially when discussing online marketing and strength of relevancy, the definition changes to become the following: SEO Auditing is the ability of online users to alter and strengthen their online relevancy to maximize qualified user traffic.

In order to begin the research and analytics portion of the SEO auditing process, the following free website SEO tools should be considered. Here are the top 5 SEO tools that not only make the research and analytics process smoother, but also will help to educate online marketing owners to better understand their business.

1. Wordtracker

2. Woorank

3. Google Keywords Tools

4. Yahoo Directory

5. Google Analytics

The 5 tools listed above with help with researching of relevant key terms, understanding your current SEO benchmark, developing a strategy around new key terms that will help generate increased traffic and new niche markets, how strong you online business currently is with anchor links, and daily evaluations of traffic highs and lows.

An organic SEO service provider will also be able to help with your overall SEO auditing efforts as well. Typically, you will get a marketing plan sample for online business when you partner with such a vendor. However, many of the SEO auditing can be done in-house. As most often, by changing title tags, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords and onsite content is enough to make an impact of altering the way Google currently crawls your site.

The first thing to consider is to evaluate your current tags which include your title. The title of your web page will help Google identify who and what your site is relevant for. It is very important to keep this title fresh, relevant and specific to what you want to tell the potential

Next is the description, which is really the first opportunity to “sell” your services. Keep your description keyword focused but also remember that consumers will want to read this section and decide if they click into your site from Google.