SEO content writing is a specialized skill that is available from most professional article services websites. In order to achieve a high ranking position in search engine results pages you must have more than just well written content on your web pages and blog posts. Your SEO content must also be optimized to meet the requirements of the indexing and ranking algorithms involved.

SEO Content Writing and How Search Engines Work

In order for your SEO content writing to be effective, you must understand how search engines work. That is not the purpose of this article, although we shall explain a few of the more important aspects of the content of a web page that the algorithms will look for.

Everybody should be aware of the need for a good title containing the main keyword for the page at the very beginning, and perhaps a secondary keyword towards the end (such as with this article.) The ‘Description’ Meta tag must also be well composed. No more than 59 characters including spaces. This should also contain the keyword within the first 100 characters.

The keyword should be also included within an H1 heading tag as the heading for the page content, once within the first 100 characters of the introductory paragraph, once in the final paragraph and be used at least once within an H2 header tag in the page content. Keep in mind that we are discussing SEO content writing here, and not article writing for submission to article directories.

Keyword Density and Making Use of Article Services

Forget all this nonsense you read about 2% -5% keyword density (KD.) That is all old stuff. Google’s two Penguin algorithm updates are seeking out this type of keyword stuffing. It might take a while, but web pages with excessive use of keywords will be downranked or dropped altogether. The density of the actual keyword is no longer very important.

I generally go for around 0.7% – 1.5% depending on the number of words in the keyword. A good article services website will be able to look after the KD for you. People who make a living from article services and SEO content writing know what Google is looking for.

They are well aware of the importance of LSI, and how Google uses latent semantic analysis to determine the content of your web pages. Such algorithms no longer have to be spoon fed with keywords to assess the relevance of your SEO content to the search term (keyword) used by somebody employing Google as a search engine to seek information.