SEO is a science on search engines, so when it comes to SEO, you have to know well about the search engine you are targeting. In the English speaking world, Google is the No. 1 search engine, but when it comes to China, the local search giant Baidu outweighs Google with no doubt.

Most of the time, Baidu SEO and Google is the same, but there are still some facts that those who are familiar with Google should bear in mind:

1. Baidu is more sensitive about “over-optimization”

Baidu is much less tolerant about the issue of “over-optimization”, so be careful when you are optimizing your website. Looking too smart may attract Baidu’s attention and make it put you in the sandbox. Do some small mistakes such as “forgetting” alt tags, meta keywords, etc to make yourself look innocent.

2. Human intervention

Human intervention is commonly seen on Baidu, and the best SEO solution for it is – just avoid it. For some hot keywords, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make it to the top. So a comprehensive keyword research is very important to avoid a waste time and money.

3. Link building

Google has become more and more picky on backlinks, on the other hand, Baidu seems very open – it even recognizes mentions of domains as backlinks. This is good news for SEO, because the task of link building is easier. But don’t get high – please review Fact No.1 – Baidu is more sensitive about “over-optimization”, which means a fast increase of backlinks can put you in trouble.

4. Baidu prefers international domains

Unlike Google,who usually prefer a regional domain such domain,.cn domain, etc for local searches, Baidu usually shows preference on international domains such,.net domains.