SEO for Google is primarily focused on link reputation. If your site has non-competitive terms, a well-structured document can rank okay. But if you have terms that are competitive, you need to get many keyword-rich inbound links from different websites.

There are some people who think Google is just all about PageRank; but since it is too easy to manipulate, the main driving force is the number of websites linking to you and the associated link text. Sometimes Google uses multiple algorithms based on the size of the community related to the search query. Google Hilltop is likely to be used by large communities, while those without machine identifiable community likely use more primitive search relevancy algorithm.

To help you with your search engine optimization, below are some SEO for Google tips that will help you to get to the top 10 of the Google listings:

1. Law of Supply and Demand

Only ten people can get to the top 10 rankings but there are many people who aim to be a part of it. Remember that if you are in a high margin field then, significant investment is necessary. And because some search engines are somewhat random in nature, you can’t be sure what exactly will be typed into a search box.

2. Focus on doing the things that interest you

If what you do is what you are interested in the most, you are more likely to create something that is worthwhile.

3. The Importance of Creating or Building a Brand

Traffic estimates are made larger by automated bots. Although algorithms change tomorrow and your SEO ranking drops a bit, you will still be fine if you spent a lot of time and money by building a brand. Web brand is most of the time the difference between extreme success and just getting by or failing.

4. The most efficient ways to get to the Top 10 Ranking in Google are:

– Creating a good idea that spreads naturally

– Including a viral marketing idea into the product or service

– Creating a standard that powerful sites would want to reference without asking (Like Adobe PDF)

5. Links are Key

Many links that are keyword rich is the key to ranking well, especially by building lots of links from websites with related themes.

6. When building content, you should ensure that each page of your website has some reason for its existence. Every page has a potential to be a sales page. Offer your visitors free information and it helps you make more money than selling.