It’s every online business owner’s dream to attain the top 3 spot in Google’s serps for highly targeted keywords. It takes weeks or even months of diligent SEO to attain top ranking. For businesses which actually manage to achieve a top 3 spot in Google, this marks the beginning of an even more challenging task; maintaining the high ranking in the serps. So how can you ensure that your online business remains within the top 3 spots in organic search results? Here are the top strategies.

Repeat the strategies that got you the top spot on low ranked pages

SEO involves using several strategies to rank a webpage high. Given that every website is unique based on the business area, target keywords, competition and target audience; there isn’t a one size fits all SEO strategy. Although certain SEO strategies are guaranteed to work regardless of the type of website, specific strategies work best for specific types of websites and industries.

If you managed to find a specific set of SEO strategies that enabled some of your websites pages to rank high in organic search results, the best thing to do is apply the same strategies to your lower ranked web pages.

Focus on increasing CTRs and reducing bounce rates

Getting a top 3 organic rank in Google guarantees your website high organic traffic from search engines. This however doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed this traffic forever. It’s upon you to convince Google that your website deserves to remain within the top spots. One way to do this is to increase CTRs and lower bounce rates.

Google wants to make sure that its users find the best sites ranked within the top spots. However, if a highly ranked website gets high bounce rates, it means that the site’s visitors aren’t interested in what the site has to offer or, the site doesn’t rank for a relevant keyword. The result is usually lowering the site’s rank.

Two ways to ensure that you get high CTRs and lower bounce rates is to create quality unique content for the site’s visitors and, creating powerful headlines and meta descriptions which entice searchers to click on your site’s URL in the search results.

Focus on branding

Today, many online businesses are focusing on building reputable brands in order to build a loyal following of customers. Creating a unique brand sets you apart from non branded competitors. Your business’ brand will be easily associated with the industry in which you operate making it even easier to attract new clients.

Focusing on building a brand will also help to keep your website in the top organic search results in Google. Brand reputation is one of the ranking factors used by Google to determine which sites to rank within the top 3 results. A good example is Amazon which ranks in the top spot for most retail product terms. In some instances, it even beats the product manufacturer’s website for the top spot in organic search. The company’s brand plays a huge role in its ranking compared to other factors such as high quality informative content.

If you manage to get your site ranked among the top 3 in search results, your goal should be to retain this position. Getting lower ranked pages to rank higher, building a reputable brand and increasing visitor engagement with your site are some of the best ways to maintain high ranking is search results.