Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has been around since the 90’s, when the first webmasters and content providers started optimizing websites for companies. The process involves internet spiders from a search engine, also known as crawlers, to scan a website and store the words, other content, as well as outgoing links in their server. The search engine then already has the appropriate listings of possible websites that contain the keywords that users type in.

According to the Google logs, Google, the most used search engine in the US, has over 2 billion searches a day and has dramatically decreased the use of a phone book.

Most search engines are accessible by cell phones and this phenomenon is putting magazines and phone books slowly but surely in the dark. Many business owners are just not seeing the results they use to get, when purchasing a full page advertisement in their literature. Fact is that, the internet has changed the way we experience advertising and many businesses have not taken advantage of it yet, especially SEO. But what is search engine optimization and how can you take advantage of it?

For example: Let’s assume you have a guitar business and have been selling locally in your town and been doing pretty well. Now, let’s assume you heard about the internet and have decided to get an internet store for several thousand dollars and have been trying to sell those guitars and electrical needs via an internet store, because you heard your competitor in the city next to you has been selling three times more than you did just through an online store. So you get everything done and online but don’t sell anything for several months and ask yourself: “What am I doing wrong?”

The answer is, you don’t have people on your website, also known as web traffic. How do people know your online stores exist? Now, you could give out some of your business cards and flyers and have the website printed on them right? Well then you wouldn’t be taking advantage of the true power the internet has. Just the keyword “Cheap Electric Guitars” has been typed 18,100 times in the Google search engine in the last month, according to the Google keyword tool.

Finally, ask yourself, what if you were the #1 result on the result page of your keyword? Just with a 3% conversion rate* you would have made over 500 sales.

Keep in mind that a 3% conversion rate is less than the average conversion and those 18,100 searches a month are also not that high of a search volume in the Google searching world.