In the beginning of February, 2011, Google announced an algorithm update called “Panda Update”, which was designed to make sure that only high quality websites were ranked higher in its search results. With this update, a lot of the SEO strategies that I used became obsolete. In fact, my website even suffered as its rank came down within a matter of few days. I am aware that many people around the world were affected by this update from search giant Google.

The purpose of this update was to strengthen the quality of search results and to combat low quality content. After this update, many top ranked websites were removed from their rankings. People had to change their SEO best practices in order to retain the rankings of their website in the search engines. With this update, Google will prioritize websites with original and quality content over other sites which have low quality content. It is an effort to ensure that only websites with high-quality content appear on the first pages of results, eliminating spam or pages with little relevant content from search results.

This is a major change which has affected approximately 12% of all searches. I have understood that in order to survive this new update from Google, my outlook towards SEO needed to change. Hence, I had to develop new SEO strategies that helped my website in being ‘liked’ by Google Panda.

Website Design – as Google Panda is concerned about the design of the website as well, I contacted a professional web designing firm, to help me with designing my website. The idea was to ensure that the website is user friendly so that the visitors can easily navigate through the website. This surely worked as the rank of my website improved after changing its design.

Content – earlier, I would include a lot of information on my site, which was not really relevant to the theme of my site. Also, I used to include a lot of content which was taken from other sites, while giving credit to the original sites. However, I realized that this strategy will not work anymore. Hence, I started writing articles and creating original content for my website. I made sure that the content is highly relevant.

Updating content – only creating unique content is not enough to make Google Panda fall in love with the website. Hence, I keep updating the content of my website by writing new articles every now and then. When I feel that I may not be able to write, I also ask guest bloggers to contribute to my site. This also helps in ensuring that each of the webpage in my site is indexed by Google repeatedly.