Most internet marketers think SEO tips refers to a tutorial to get backlinks. Unfortunately for many of these IMers, they will spend entirely too much money on getting backlinks to help their non-optimized websites to rank and generate money.

Without learning proper SEO tips, all the backlinks in the world are only going to get your website so high in the SERPs. Moreover, with a properly SEO’d website, you will have little need for massive backlinks – a few well-placed links will do.

But why do so many IMers avoid learning proper SEO? Is it laziness – since anyone can find a backlinking service, software or gimmick? Is it due to this idea that Google engineers wield PhD’s and have the IQ of Braniac? Why is SEO so intimidating, and why aren’t more would-be “webmasters” doing more of it?

The answers vary, but possibly it boils down to the fact that buying more links is so much easier than trying to learn effective SEO tips, with shifting algorithms and the endless roll of new products. Case in point:

Google Instant

Google Suggest

Google Caffeine…there is no end to search engines like Bing, Yahoo! and Google changing their algorithms – it’s the bouncing ball of SEO that makes internet marketing the fun that it is.

Aside from the reasons why so many avoid simple SEO tips, there are a number of great tutorials online that will help you get started, many of them simply repeat the information that you can find in a host of other places – this is because the basic rules of SEO don’t change. Here is a straightforward list of SEO tips you can bank on:

Consult the Webmaster Sections of The Top 3 Search Engines, Learn Their List of “Do’s” and “Do Not’s”
Follow Their Rules!
Don’t Mistake Spam For SEO
Read At Least One SEO Guide
Buy An On-Page SEO Auditing Software Or Find A Free One (You Need A Second Opinion!)
See? Oversimplified SEO tips, and absolutely effective. Look, you really don’t need to make it rocket science – never mind that the main search engines employ the most intelligent minds on the planet, they’re not out to get you. They’ve made “webmaster tools” or similar resources by which to learn what they are looking for.

One of the big reasons so many fail online is because they would rather not take the time to learn search engine optimization – this is a mistake, and it will cost you in the near and distant future. Without an optimized website, you will require hundreds of backlinks, even thousands, that you will hardly turn a profit online.