Google Sandbox Algorithm is seemingly a mythical algorithm that discourages new sites from ranking on Google’s SERP on its main keywords even though the site’s SEO Web Design is quite well. This ghost algorithm greatly affects sites of less than one year old. The term can be attributed to a sand of sites queuing to fall on a sandbox. Apparently, older sites will have higher priority to rank well on target keywords compared to older ones.

Despite of lack of concrete evidence (which Google should remain silent) of this cloaking algorithm, instances to detect your site being “Sandboxed” are to wit:

Failure of the site to appear on the top 500 of Google SERP on its most important of highly competitive keywords.
The site ranks well in Yahoo and MSN and site’s pages are being indexed by Google.
The site ranks well on non-competitive keywords or through using “allinanchor” search operator in Google.
The site is frequently crawled by Googlebots.
The site does not engage in spamming, blackhat SEO, but ethical SEO alone.
But there are also antidotes for the discriminating effects of The Sandbox Algorithm. Doing the following SEO web design tips will surely pave your way to rankings:

Focus on long-tail keywords while the site is still quite new. Choose a phrase of 3 or 5 words to prepare the way towards concentrating on your highly-competitive keywords.

Focus on improving your Yahoo and MSN rankings. Google also take a peek on other search engine listings which will improve your ranking on Google as well.

Focus on linking to pages that are high in PageRank. These high in authority pages to your topic niche will pull you up faster.

Focus on wide IP-range linking. Don’t just gather links from a single geographic location. Make them evenly spread across the globe.