Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an improvement of the visibility of a website on the internet. The term was created several years ago by website consultants who performed optimization projects for a variety of clients. SEO may be created as a stand-alone service or as part of large internet marketing campaign, and it plays a major role on helping you to get on to of Google search.

To get on top of Google means to have the placement of your website and information about it on the very first page of an online search. The easier and faster internet users can find a website, the better the site will be clicked on, and if the website is associated with a business, the more likely that website will attract more customers, increasing the chances of higher profitability.

There are two different types of SEO (per se). On site SEO involves making precise changes in your website which will aid in indexing your information correctly and effectively by search engines. It is a large library of stored information indexed in a particular way. On site SEO is a vital step in creating successful promotion and operation of your websites and the work is done within the actual website.