Do you think you have what it takes to take a product and launch it onto the front-page of Google? Thousands of people have taken their ordinary boring lives and have taken these three skills and converted them into a money-making independent business.

SEO in a nutshell is this, Search Engine Optimization, what this long phrase boils down to is the process of converting a web page into a form that both Google and Humans (yes we care about people too) find accessible and useful. On Google’s end this means that it has to be able to find your page, locate the useful and relevant content, and display the results to a Human. This process might seem simple but when you start competing with over a hundred thousand pages on the Internet it becomes obvious why this is such a big deal.

The reason why SEO has taken so much popularity lately is the fact that Google is proving to be king when it comes to marketing. Let’s say that I just moved to Annapolis, Maryland and I am looking to find a school for my child to enroll in. The first thing I will do is go to Google and type in “Annapolis Private Schools or Annapolis, Maryland Private schools”. Odds are the first page of Google results will have the school that I’m going to enroll my kids in.

Google is that powerful. It’s like a little guy who sits on our shoulder and whispers suggestions. Becoming a SEO specialist is the best way to control what that little Guy is saying. So if I convinced “Google” to display my site for the keyword search “How to lose weight naturally”.

1) When it comes to SEO is simply this: your site has to make sense.

2) Research, research, research! Join lots of forums related to SEO. Buy yourself some domains in a market that is no over-saturated so you can test out your SEO skills.

3) Take Action! If you want to be successful at this industry you must work hard and reap the benefits later on. The hardest thing about becoming a SEO specialist is that you can read all you want but not take action.

So there you go! You have the initial amount of information you need to become a SEO Superstar.