SEO linkbuilding has become one of the main high leverage activities in any online business. The simple fact is that backlinks will give you a high page rank and a high page rank will rank you higher in the SERP’s. Obviously this means more traffic and more money.

Backlinks make up 90% of your Google rank and because of this linkbuilding has taken on a life of it’s own. Most people seem to misunderstand it complete. For starters you should know that not all back links are good links. They can actually hurt you more than help you.

SEO Linkbuilding is all about building links that are natural. Google did not design their ranking system to be manipulated. It was designed to reward good sites that get linked to naturally. That’s why getting the right links can be incredibly difficult if you try and do it manually.

Unfortunately you have to build links these days otherwise you will not be competitive. If you sit around and wait for sites to link to you, you might wait forever. The good thing is that this also give the “small guy” a fair shake to get good rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Most guys build back links “kamikaze style” – that is they go ion there and just get as many links they can from wherever they can and at whatever cost. This is a recipe for disaster. Once your site gets marked by Google, you might as well start over again.

Rogue linkbuilding techniques can render months of hard work useless, so be very careful when building backlinks. Here are the 7 deadly SEO linkbuilding mistakes. Avoid them at all costs.

Mistake #1: Mass Link Packages

Obviously some sleazy and unscrupulous people are out there selling link packages that are not even worth a mention. Most of the time they blast ads out to classified directories or other spam filled network. These links are the equivalent of buying spam email lists. Don’t do it. Your links might end up on banned sites that can really hurt your Google image.