Video SEO is the optimization of video content for maximum search engine traffic and exposure. Your video will appear in video search engines as well as in organic search engines and all the traffic will be pointed to your site.

The aim of the video SEO is to assist the search engines in understanding the video content. You have to tell the search engines what your video is about by adding metadata, due to the fact that the process of optimization is vital to exposure, indexing and good ranking.

SEO is not a hit and run strategy but rather a long term commitment, a never-ending process which need to be constantly checked an updated.

Video search engine optimization may be the next step for marketers and webmasters. For the time being, the growth of online video has been quite explosive. Site like YouTube has reached humongous size and is not a video files repository any more but a real search engine.

The odds to appear on Google first page are greater for a video than for a text based page. The math is simple: as an example, for the keyword “dog training” there are 43,100,000 pages in broad match, for “dog training YouTube” only 1,440,000 pages, a ratio of 1 to 30. On some less competitive keywords the ratio can be 1 to 10,000! Simply speaking, there is much less competition.

Another great advantage of video marketing is the fact that you can take advantage of the blended search strategy. People love to click on the contextual navigation links located at the top of Google screen. It gives a richer searching experience and can direct additional traffic to your website.

For the time being (march 2012), Google seems to favor video posting, if, for a specific keyword, some YouTube clips are available, at least one of them will be shown on first page. However there is no magic formula to get your clip on search engines first pages.

Some of the main concerns of Google are giving the user the best surfing and searching experience and to avoid spam at any price. Like any SEO strategy there are tips, techniques and best practices to follow.

If you are good and experimented SEO geek you are not getting any trouble with SEO videos, because the logic under the hood is quite similar. The reason is that search engine’s crawler cannot see inside the video to tell what the content is. It only rely on metadata and on-page factors. SEO experts tend to focus all their optimization on traditional text based pages and neglect somehow video SEO. Here is your chance to fill the gap while Video Optimization is still in its infancy.