It has long been known that Google loves websites that have large amounts of good content. Here we will focus on describing how to grow your website’s page count while providing value to your visitors. Implement a forum on your site for two reasons, it will help you grow the number of pages on your website quite quickly and it will give you an avenue with which to connect to your visitors.

A blog can typically be a place where you provide support, provide information topics about your product or simply talk about anything that you are passionate about. In any case, a blog can quickly become an intrinsic part of your Google SEO efforts. Don’t be frightened by the prospect of implementing a blog. You can find all the information for free on how to customize it, and the software itself is usually free.

There are many forum/blog software available for free; one which we like because of its customization potential is phpBB. Probably one of the most widely used forum software out there. It will allow you to create topics, get visitors talking which in turn satisfies one of the most important rules of SEO, keeping your content fresh. These forums can be installed with different aspects of security, for example, to allow anonymous visitors to leave feedback.

We advise trying to get the most from it, by forcing visitors who want to leave feedback to register. That will allow you to begin to grow your potential customer base and hopefully increase sales down the road.