The Google Keyword Research Tool gives you the edge you need, to get ahead of the other bloggers and rank #1 in Google.

If you want to become a successful blogger, or do anything else on the internet, you will need organic traffic to maximize your results right? So why not do what successful bloggers are doing? I’m here to show you how to do this the right way.

In my book, “Daily Steps 2 Success,” I outline exactly how one should use the Google Keyword Research Tool to maximize your results in organic SEO. You see, most people want to target the mostly highly searched keywords and hope they land on the front page of Google for a highly searched keyword term. For the majority of people, this expectation is just not realistic.

Here, I will outline exactly how to utilize the keyword research tool properly for maximum profits and the best results when it comes to getting site traffic.

The Google Keyword Research Tool, and Your Blog

Make no mistake, your blog is your window to the rest of the world. Well, let me rephrase that, your blog is the world’s window to YOU. This is where you post all of your pearls of wisdom and allow others to see just how brilliant you are, and how much value you add to the marketplace.
Steps for Successful Use of the Google Keyword Research Tool

Step 1: Create an account with Google AdWords, this is the most simple part.

Step 2: Under Tools, find the “Google Keyword Research Tool”

Step 3: Search for a heavily searched keyword, such as “MLM,” or whichever topic your blog may be about, that you want to target.

Step 4: Out of all the results, find one of the keywords that is not commonly searched, perhaps 200-300 global searches per month.

Step 5: Write an article with this keyword, using my secret SEO tool.

My secret SEO tool mentioned in Step 5, is the reason I am on the first page of at least 90% of every keyword I choose for my blog articles. Without this SEO tool, you will have very little chance of writing a blog that will get you significant traffic.

This tool maximizes your results for even heavy keywords, and allows you to get traffic on a daily basis from keywords that someone is searching for, somewhere. Want proof? Fine. Search the term: “MLM Training Tips” in Google. When you are done kicking the tires, click the link I put up above, and check out my SEO Secret Weapon.