Tools are critical to life. Whether they are used once a month for repairs about the house or daily on the job-site, tools will always be used to preserve growth and creation. For woodworkers and craftsmen, construction workers and carpenters, and the electricians and plumbers, trust is crucial when deciding between two brands of tools to get.
Through all the wealth of inexpensive and low quality tools available, experienced tool users want a brand they can trust their loyalty with; tools must be dependable to get the job completed. Makita Tools offer products and services that have Makita earned the trust of many die hard tradesmen and hobbyist. Each year Makita seeks to produce their tools more efficient with hopes of saving their customers time and money. They also continue to grow their already comprehensive catalog of available tools. Having random sets of power tools can get costly and stressful. For one, anything that is cordless typically requires different batteries with separate chargers. Multiple batteries are always necessary to ensure productivity on the job site which can add up in significant costs when dealing with several power tools. Makita’s innovative strategy takes on this challenge.
Makita Tools became the first in the industry to have a complete lineup of 18V Lithium-Ion battery powered tools. Their 18V LXT series offers over 50 power tools that all share the same battery and charger. Certain qualities make their products unique and potentially cost effective:
The Battery and Charger-The batteries are developed to charge in 30 minutes. That is twice as fast as their competitors. The fast charge time is doable because the charger has a built in micro-processor which reads a computer chip within the interior of the battery. This chip tells the charger the battery’s history, temperature and current voltage, triggering an optimal charging schedule for that specific battery. The charger also houses a fan to keep the temperature low.
The Motor-Makita utilizes a brush-less motor which helps the battery live up to 50% longer than the opponents due to its contact free rotation. The less wear and tear the motor’s components produce, the longer they will survive.