In the context of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Tabaxi is a fictional race that is known for its feline features and agility. In the D&D lore, Tabaxi do have gender, just like any other humanoid race. Gender is a social and cultural construct that typically refers to the behavioral, cultural, and psychological characteristics associated with being male or female. While the physical appearance of Tabaxi may resemble certain aspects of felines, they are sentient best d&d miniatures beings and have their own societal structures, which include gender roles and identities. Therefore, Tabaxi characters can be created with various genders, allowing players to explore different character concepts and experiences within the game.

In the context of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), specifically the Fifth Edition (5E) rules, Tabaxi are a race of feline humanoid creatures. According to the official D&D 5E rules, Tabaxi do have gender, just like other humanoid races.

In the game, gender is typically left open-ended and up to the player to decide when creating their character. The rules do not assign any specific gender characteristics or abilities to the Tabaxi race, allowing players to choose the gender identity and expression of their Tabaxi characters based on their preferences and role-playing choices.

It’s important to note that gender representation and inclusivity can vary depending on the game group and the players involved. Some players may choose to incorporate more diverse gender identities and expressions within the game, while others may stick to traditional binary gender roles. Ultimately, the specifics of gender representation in a D&D game are determined by the players and the Dungeon Master involved.