When it comes to understanding Psychotherapy renowned Psychiatrist in Gurgaon tells us that Psychotherapy is used to treat people under going Mental Illness as well as emotional instabilities. Psychotherapy is also known as Talk Therapy.   Psychiatrist in Gurgaon uses Psychotherapy as a tool in order to provide their mental psicoterapeuta and emotional stability by helping them generate control over their thought process.

Psychotherapy helps Psychiatrist in Gurgaon in overcoming patient from Mental Illness like stress, Anxiety or Depression. Psychotherapy is helpful with patient suffering from Mental Disorder to cope in their daily life and can lead a normal life.

It becomes priority for the Psychiatrist in Gurgaon to make people aware about how Psychotherapy does works, how Psychotherapy is used as healing tool and why Psychotherapy is required for the people having Mental Issues.

Healing through Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy is said to be Talk Therapy which is kind of general discussion with which Psychiatrist is able to understand Psychology of the patient and is able to identify the problem of the patient. Psychiatrist uses Psychotherapy along with Medication if required to heal patient with persistent feeling of sadness, lack of concentration, addiction disorder, inability to work as needful and feeling of worthlessness to family and society.

Psychotherapy is done in various methods:

  • Interpersonal Therapy- it is done on the individual basis which is one to one talk with the Psychiatrist and Patient, it is used to understand the patient at personal level and is best way to treat Depression.
  • Couple Therapy – it is a kind of dual therapy done in pair with spouse, it is effective in resolving relationship issues.
  • Family Therapy- some mental illness issues requires therapy for a family as a unit, it is done in order to make each one of family member seriousness of the mental health.
  • Group Therapy- people going through similar issues are made to have therapy together so that they build up confidence and share their experience with each other that may help others to cope and realise the importance of Mental Health.