Every job or project will have stacks of reports to be generated, reviewed and action taken on the results shown.

Up until now, project supervisors have had to rely on creating numerous spreadsheets by various departments to fulfill these tasks. Waiting for each department to submit their information in a spreadsheet can be a very time-consuming process as people work at different times and speeds causing delays and frustrations within the business.

Project managers need to have all the project information together in an all-in-one system right at their fingertips instantly.

They don’t have time to wait for days Construction Estimating Software or even hours for the accounts department to gather the information and enter the data in order to create the spreadsheet.

More delays can occur when they have to wait for the procurement department or production crew to get their own spreadsheet together and then he has to hope that all the different departments have used the same formulas and format.

With an all-in-one solution this nightmare is over!

The venture controllers can design and set up the format that works best for them and then distribute this to all departments making it very simple and quick to enter the data for their particular group. In just a very short time, the all-in-one solution has pulled it altogether for the project manager.

What was once a bunch of spreadsheets in their own format and language causing confusion with different versions and updates not dated or lost, they can be found with current information for an instant review.

Project directors can see what the budget was originally set at and where it actually is in real-time and make changes whilst going forward if they need to.

If there are delays in the project, the project manager can instantly see the work in progress in the individual departments and reschedule the staff accordingly.

Eliminate the need to pay salaries to anyone that isn’t needed on the project from day-to-day, saving valuable funds and improving the profit on the completed project.

With an all-in-one software solution, employees can enter their time-sheets in real-time, project directors can gather the information needed to see where employees are most productive and how the budget is tracking for the project they are assigned to, and correct and make any changes which are required.